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Fanatically : The Pet Shop Boys Info News Service

Latest Pet Shop Boys News

Tour Photographs

Check out the gallery section to see photographs from the Liverpool Summer Pops show and T4 Party on the Beach at Weston-Super-Mare. I also attended the first Tower of London show but left my camera in the cloakroom! More photographs will be taken at the Thetford show on 21st July.

Summer shows

Pet Shop Boys are currently playing a series of summer open air concerts and festival shows across Europe. The set is designed by Es Devlin who worked on the Closer to Heaven show and features 2 dancers and 3 backing singers. The crowd reception at the Tower of London show and most notably the Liverpool show have been amazing and the setlist features a mix of PSB classics and tracks from "Fundamental".
God willing
Left to my own devices
I'm with Stupid
Always on my mind
Where the streets have no name (I can't take my eyes off you)
Home and dry (acoustic)
Before (acoustic)  Numb performed instead at Liverpool
Dreaming of the Queen
West End girls
The Sodom and Gomorrah Show
Opportunities (Let's make lots of money)

So hard (David Morales Red Zone version without Neil)
It's a sin
Go West

Pet Shop Boys release "Minimal" as a single on July 24th. The single is currently "A-Listed" on BBC Radio 2 and the video is being playlisted on UK Music TV channels "The Hits" and "The Box". The single will be commercially released on 4 formats: 2 track CD, 3 track Maxi CD, 3 track DVD and a limited edition clear disc 7" vinyl a week later.  Remixes for the single have been produced by M Factor, Tiga, Superchumbo, Telex and Tocadisco  although many of these are likely to be download-only tracks and issued on promo-only 12" vinyls. On the Maxi CD you also have the facility to remix the track yourself!

1. Minimal (radio edit)
2. In private (Performed by Pet Shop Boys and Elton John) (Stuart Crichton 7")

1. Minimal (radio edit)
2. Minimal (Tocadisco's Sunday at Space Remix)
3. Minimal (M Factor Remix)
4. Minimal (U-Myx)
1. Minimal (Telex Hell mix)
2. Blue on blue
3. No time for tears (Unreleased 7-inch mix)
4. Minimal (video)



It's Fundamental!

Pet Shop Boys returned on May 22nd with new album "Fundamental", produced by Trevor Horn and consisting of 12 tracks. The album reached number 5 in the UK album chart and spent 4 weeks in the top 75. The album was also a success across most European countries and was number 1 in the I-Tunes chart in most countries.  The album has received mainly positive critical reviews with the general consensus that it is their finest work since 1993's "Very". A special edition of the album included a bonus dance album, "Fundamentalism", containing seven remixes and the rather amazing Richard X produced "Fugitive".The album was released on standard cd, limited edition 2cd and vinyl LP. The most likely 3rd single is "Numb" and a full World Tour commences in North America in October reaching the UK early next year.
1. Psychological
2. The Sodom and Gomorrah Show
3. I made my excuses and left
4. Minimal
5. Numb
6. God willing
7. Luna Park
8. I'm with Stupid
9. Casanova in Hell
10. Twentieth Century
11. Indefinite leave to remain
12. Integral
1. Fugitive (Richard X extended mix)
2. Sodom (Trentemøller remix)
3. Psychological (Alter Ego remix)
4. Flamboyant (Michael Mayer remix)
5. I'm with Stupid (Melnyk mix)
6. In private (Stuart Crichton club mix)
7. Minimal (Lobe remix)
8. Gomorrah (Dettinger remix


New Pet Shop Boys Fanzine in Production
I am currently producing a new Pet Shop Boys printed fanzine that will be released in late 2006. This is my second attempt at a Pet Shop Boys fanzine following the less than successful ‘Fanatically’ in late 2001. After selling only a handful of copies and with me studying at university at the time, I decided to leave the venture to a solitary issue. With few fanzines remaining and the majority of those operating as webzines I felt it was time to make a new Pet Shop Boys fanzine. The fanzine will be available to purchase online via this site or by post in the near future. If you want further information or have anything you would like to contribute, email me.



Battleship Potemkin Live

Pet Shop Boys successfully played Wallsend Shipyard, Newcastle on 1st May accompanied by the Northern Sinfonia for their "Battleship Potemkin" soundtrack. The 14,000 capacity open-air concert was full and it was a great night (apart from being really, really cold). On 5th September, Pet Shop Boys released their 'Battleship Potemkin' soundtrack on CD via EMI Classics. The album received positive reviews and prior to it's release they played 4 concerts in Germany with the Dresden Sinfoniker. For this release they decided to use the name 'Tennant/Lowe' rather than 'Pet Shop Boys' for the first time. Despite the acclaim, the album failed to reach the Top 75 UK Album Chart although it did chart in Germany. More performances are planned for later this year.


  1. Comrades!
  2. Men And Maggots
  3. Our Daily Bread
  4. Drama In The Harbour
  5. Nyet
  6. To The Shore
  7. Odessa
  8. No Time For Tears
  9. To The Battleship
  10. After All (The Odesa Staircase)
  11. Stormy Meetings
  12. Night Falls
  13. Full Steam Ahead
  14. The Squadron
  15. For Freedom


Neil Records Guest Vocals

Neil has recorded vocals for the track "Throw" taken from the forthcoming Dan Fresh album, due for release on May 22nd. The Drum N' Bass star co-produced the 2003 single 'Miracles' with Adam F.

Limited Edition Japanese Reissues

Toshiba EMI reissued two of their classic albums in Japan last year.  

Pet Shop Boys – Please – TOCP-53581

Pet Shop Boys – Very – TOCP-53563

Both are strictly limited edition pressings available for a limited time only. You can order the albums via import here.


New Remixes of Classic Tracks!!

2 Classic Pet Shop Boys tracks have recently been remixed and updated! West End Girls, the duo's breakthrough single, returns for 2005 with a brand new remix by Italian house outfit Starchaser. The quality track doesn't include any of Neil's vocals, but uses the riff and melody from the original track to create a up-tempo melodic vibe. The song has initially been released as a limited one-sided promo 12" single and a 1 track promo cd-r on Italian label Ego Music, although there are hopes the track will get a wider release.The track originally gained Paul Van Dyke's attention some months ago and he played the track on his radio show in Germany. To order the 12" vinyl click here. To visit the Starchaser Website click here.  Domino Dancing, their 1988 top 10 hit, has been remixed by house act Limited Series Crew. The track has been retitled 'Domino Dancer' and features Neil vocals over a new house beat. The track is available as a one-sided white label 12" promo, for more details email Limited Series Crew. 

Neil collaborates with Superchumbo

Neil features on the new Superchumbo album "Wowie Zowie" released in the US on June 13th via Twisted Records. The track "Tranquilizer" features Neil on vocals and he also wrote the lyrics for the track. To order a import copy of the album click here.

News In Brief...


- West End Girls, a Swedish girl duo, released their cover of "Domino Dancing" as a single in November via Sony Sweden. The single featured 3 versions of the song and was a huge hit in Sweden. Their next single will be "West End Girls" which will be released soon followed by the album  "Let's Go Petshopping" which will feature covers of various Pet Shop Boys classics. The duo have received rave reviews from and a stream of the song "West End Girls" can be heard via the podcast on the websites news page.
- Pet Shop Boys performed two songs at the recent Elton John & David Furnish "stag" night party in London. They performed the "Barfly" version of "It's a sin" and then were joined onstage by Jake Shears of the Scissor Sisters for a duet of the Gloria Gaynor track "I am what I am".
- Pet Shop Boys and Elton John have recorded a new version of "In Private", the 1989 single they wrote and produced for Dusty Springfield. They recorded the track in December 2003 and used the new arrangement at the Barfly gig last year, although there are no confirmed plans that it will be released.
- Alcazar have temporarily split which puts the tracks Neil and Chris wrote for them into jeopardy. Alcazar were given 2 new Pet Shop Boys compositions, following "Love Life" in 2002. The songs, entitled "Baby" and "For Every Moment", were written by Chris and Neil in 2003 and they describe "Baby" as "very poppy". They gave the song "Baby" to Alcazar because the lyrics are a boy/girl duet and they thought it would be perfect for Alcazar.  For further information visit the excellent Alcazar fan-site
-Do you think that Pet Shop Boys don't play enough concerts in your country? If so then join the Pet Shop Boys campaign and sign the on-line petition to get them to play your country.
- The Questions Section of the Pet Shop Boys official site is unlikely to return as they have decided they prefer fans to submit questions via the fanclub!
- The Live 8 DVD Boxset includes the track "Go West", recorded in Moscow.
- J.J Belle, guitarist on the Peformance Tour and many classic PSB tracks including 'Being Boring' and 'Liberation' recently passed away at an all too early age. He was an integral part of the PSB sound at that time and will be sadly missed.
- Liza Minnelli 'Results' deluxe digipack CD/DVD was released January 17th via Sony. It is well worth purchasing!
- Pet Shop Boys have been covered twice recently with Sharon Eusebe covering Love Is A Catastrophe and Paul Anka covering It's A Sin. The recent Sharon Eusebe single "24 Hour Blackout" which includes her PSB cover version on the b-side features a sticker on the sleeve where Neil proclaims her the new Nina Simone!