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Fanatically : The Pet Shop Boys Info News Service



A Simple Biography

Neil Francis Tennant, Christopher Sean Lowe

What do Pet Shop Boys mean to their fans?

Pet Shop Boys are the greatest band of all time, no questions asked as it is a fact. They are the most successful pop duo of all time and have had 35 top 20 UK singles (4 number 1 singles) and have sold millions of albums worldwide. Neil Tennant was born in North Shields in 1954 and Chris Lowe was born in Blackpool in 1959. They met in an electrical shop on the Kings Road in Chelsea, London in 1981 and have never looked back since. Their first single was the Bobby Orlando version of West End Girls on Epic records in 1984 which flopped. They then signed to Parlophone/EMI and released Opportunites in 1985, but the single failed to reach the top 100. Their next single was a re-recording of West End Girls that they worked on with Stephen Hague, which entered the charts in a lowly position, and at this point they were on the verge of being dropped by Parlophone/EMI. The single, however, gradually climbed the singles chart and eventually reached number 1 in January 1986. Since then the hits have continued but the quality has never declined despite less commercial success after the 1980's. Image changes and musical diversity have continued but there is always the knowledge that whatever they do it is definitely Pet Shop Boys. They have collaborated with the likes of David Bowie, Dusty Springfield, Liza Minnelli, Pete Burns & Electronic and have remixed for the likes of Blur, Rammstein, Atomizer and Yoko Ono. They have also staged their own musical in London's West End and have performed a soundtrack to a 1925 Bolshevik Propaganda Movie in Trafalgar Square!!! The varierty and depth of their music is rarely aknowledged but bitterness, heartache and emotions combined with euphoria, a stiff upper lip and perfect pop melody have seen them always relevant. All these feelings are captured on their latest album 'Popart: the Hits 1985-2003' and every other release over the last 20 years. Intelligent pop at it's finest without being boring or overtly ironic, they really are 'the Smiths you can dance to'. If you have never purchased a Pet Shop Boys album or feel that it isn't cool, then think again. They provide more of an alternative approach to popular music than most trendy indie bands and cannot be placed into a particular category. With the Battleship Potemkin original score album due for release later this year and a new "electronic sounding" studio album in 2006, here's to the next 20 years of the unique Pet Shop Boys world!

Jon Sutton, 2005.

Their greatest moment?

People disagree constantly on their best album or song, it just depends on what perspective you have on music and what style you prefer outside the PSB sphere. Their finest album is generally seen as 'Behaviour' by serious music critics while fans often go for the pop euphoria of 'Very'. Their best song is generally seen as the beautiful heartache of 'Being Boring', the dramatic Trevor Horn produced 'Left to My Own Devices' or the song that started the success 'West End Girls'. My personal favourite album is 'Behaviour' and favourite songs are 'King's cross', 'Being boring' and 'It Couldn't Happen Here'.

Join the Fanclub?

The Pet Shop Boys Official fanclub is a must have part of being a fan. For 10 you get 3 copies of the official magazine 'Literally', a small starter pack, a christmas present, fan club only offers on merchandise and exclusive news. To join send a cheque payable for 10 (11.50 European residents, 15 Rest of the World) to the 'Pet Shop Boys Club'

Pet Shop Boys Club

P.O Box 102