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Olde English Vinyl

The New Pet Shop Boys' Record Label 


Olde English and Lucky Kunst are the Pet Shop Boys latest record label adventure's following the 1990's Spaghetti Label. Although Spaghetti Records may appear to be defunct, it must be noted that the label does continue and that Olde English and Lucky Kunst releases are licenced through Spaghetti.

Olde English was set up to release tracks by artists that have been either remixed or produced by Pet Shop Boys, while Lucky Kunst was set up to release occassional orgasmic related records under the alias of Kiki Kokova (AKA: Pet Shop Boys & Sam Taylor Wood). It should be stressed that releases on these 2 labels are going to be very limited edition and will be released exclusively through either the Fanclub or Official Site, with little outside involvement. As such, these releases are going to be very collectable with releases so far attracting large amounts of money.

  • Releases To Date
  • Atomizer - Hooked on Radiation (limited 500 12" Olde English Vinyl)

1. Pet Shop Boys Orange Alert mix

2. Pet Shop Boys Orange Alert 7" mix

3. Pet Shop Boys Superstar mix

4. Atomizer Bad Boy mix

  • Kiki Kokova - Love To Love You Baby (limited 500 12" Lucky Kunst)

1. The Pet Shop Boys production

2. The Superchumbo mix

  • Pete Burns - Jack & Jill Party (limited cd & 12" Olde English)

1. Extended dance mix

2. Single mix

3. Instrumental

A New Kiki Kokova single is planned for future release on Olde English Vinyl. For a comprehensive Spaghetti Records discography click here