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Jon Sutton : Alternative Music

Latest Additions

Latest Additions
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Please check in often because I will frequently update the product pages with new items.

Jack Cooper - Turn The Light Off (Limited 7")
Fellow Blackpool lad like myself, this debut 3 track EP features melody-led pop music that Teenage Fanclub would be proud of. Released in summer 2004, Jack has recently supported Alfie and is currently creating a stir on the music scene. Signed to Manchester label My Dad Recordings, he will release a follow-up EP later this year.


We Start Fires - Strut (Signed Red Vinyl 7")
Nice 2 track signed red vinyl debut 7" from one of the hottest new bands around on Marquis Cha Cha!


Parva - Good Bad Right Wrong (Rare cd) PRE-KAISER CHIEFS!! 
Those Kaiser Chiefs, dominating the music chart these days!! Well it wasn't always like this and before they started predicting riots they were in a little known band called Parva who released a few singles and failed big time.This 3 track cd features tracks recorded before they hit the big time, EXCLUSIVE TO THIS RELEASE!!

Other Recent Additions:
Comanechi - Rude (debut 7") 11.95
Duels - Potential Futures (Transgressive 7") 10.95
Duels - Potential Futures (Transgressive 3" cd) 9.95
Guillemots - Train To Brazil (10", 1 corner slightly bent) 9.49
Kill The Young - Origin of Illness (Promo cd) 3.75
Ladyfuzz- Monster (Transgressive 7") 3.49
Ladyfuzz - Monster (Transgressive 3" CD) 3.95
Larrikin Love - Happy as Annie (Transgressive 7") 11.95
Larikin Love - Six Queens... (debut 7") 12.95
Mystery Jets - On My Feet (Rare 7") 8.95
Pipettes - Dirty Mind (Promo CD-R) 3.95
Pipettes - Judy (USA 7") 10.95
Tracy and the Plastics - We Hear... (Promo DVD) 1.95
Umlaut - Winter Coat (Rare 7") 5.95
Young Knives - The Decision (Transgressive 7") 6.95